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We don't "PRODUCE"


Here is EIKON’s (non-supervillain) origin story: After prolonged procrastination and months of portfolios collecting dust on Google Drive, this group of underdogs finally had enough of playing around. Bye, midnight drinks and snacks binge. 


We are a tight-knit group of best friends who decided to make productive use of our youth, talents, energy, and passion. We take pictures and make cool videos, storyboards, concepts, art, post-editing, and sometimes manage social media.


We breathe life into stories, and we give a damn about sharing yours in an unforgettable way. 


Coming from a diverse background, our unique tastes, artistic styles, and perspectives blend together and gave creation to EIKON. 


We are based in Bali, but also often fly back and forth to Jakarta - let’s just say that we are nomads unbounded by geographical limitations. 

We are a group of freaks and outsiders, forever bold, different, and young at heart.

We dream high, so you better do, too.


Reach us at team.eikonstudios@gmail.com and let's talk!

Check out our curated Spotify playlist here 👉🏻

The OGs

Arley Mardo has no idea what he's doing here

Willianto's passion is money. 2021 target: be f*cking rich man

Rudi Fajrianda the tarzan is currently bathing Ocean the husky

Made Sumiartana still holds the title: Paradise' Master Editor. O Hail Sumi!

Valleta is on a seafood diet (I see food and I eat it)

Dwi “Budi” Prasetyo cuma pengen nyenengin banyak orang, kalo sampe gak seneng orangnya akan dia paksa sampe dia digampar. Udah itu aja 🙄

Robertus James don't bro me if u don’t know me

Ricky Hanjaya selalu lost dan mencari direction baru biar jadi one direction

Albert "Bengt" Kurniawan sukanya makan bengbeng

Yudistira Satria alijah dudayev tapi gajadi soalnya sama kek nama toko sebelah

Andreas the sloppy eyes guy with a simplistic mind

Who we've created with

+ Travel Noire

+ Savaya

+ Omnia Dayclub

+ Hakkasan

+ Karma Group

+ Sake no Hana

+ Stark Craft Beer

+ Mais x Frida 

+ Papiton

+ Dojo Bali

+ Bali Praia

+ Nakula

+ Kopernik

+ Start Me Up

+ Travass Life

+ Alexis Dornier

+ Bumame Farmasi

+ Diva Karaoke

+ Dipha Barus

+ Natura Resort Ubud

+ Michelle Ann Bridal

+ Kasi Give Cards

+ South Quay Mall

Digital Campaign Clients

...... and many more

We are a Jakarta & Bali based production company who believe and love what we do. A tribe of misfits, we’re the love child of cultures and generations of bold and authentic individuals. This becomes our spirit in breathing life into your stories.

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